Quality for Software Products

About me

Loyal lateral thinker,
respectful analyst,
communicative quality manager.

Alessandro Sebaste

My story

Ensuring quality has been with me for quite a while.
This story began with the development of electronic components in medical technology.
In the development of integrated circuits (ASIC), extensive simulations are run before the silicon chips are manufactured.
You cannot afford to produce a faulty chip. If you like, you could say: compiling once costs a few hundred thousand francs.
The collection of functional and non-functional requirements is just as central as the collection of test coverage and the creation of correspondingly extensive tests.

To consistently follow the path from the requirement to the product, always keeping quality in focus, is a way of working that has accompanied me more or less consciously ever since.

Via various stages, insights, tasks and trainings, this is exactly what I offer today.

It is not about testing software, it is not about processes and certainly not about any particular tools.

It is about the culture, the attitude of a team towards quality.

Sure, we end up using processes and tools and yes, we test software.
But not because we love tools, processes and testing, but because we love quality.

My goal is to raise awareness in the area of quality, to understand what is needed and what is not.
Which measures are constructive and which only generate costs? Where does investment make sense and where not? Why do we do things or why not?

Ultimately, it is about reducing the resources needed for software development to the bare minimum. Thereby we also make a contribution to GreenIT.

A brief description

Dipl. El. Ingenieur FH and adult educator, QA specialist and developer, entrepreneur and lecturer, astronomer and family man, drummer and craftsman.

I like to tackle new and novel projects, because I am an active and curious person who prefers to work toghether with others. My logical and systematic way of working allows me to follow rules and procedures, thus maintaining high quality standards. At the same time, I am communicative, enthusiastic and can relate to others. This combination has been beneficial as a developer and test engineer, in quality management and consulting, as a manager, lecturer and workshop leader.

Loyalty, honesty and respect are important to me. I appreciate a clear language. My customers and partners always know where they stand with me.


The transfer of knowledge in the area of software testing is one of my biggest concerns. Together with PowerCoders, we were able to set up a new testing track that is supported by proven experts and provides the participants with the relevant knowledge.
As an active member of the Swiss Testing Board, I am committed to software testing.

My professional career

  • Studies as electrical engineer at university of applied sciences
  • Development engineer in different companies
  • Foundation of the first own company for complex test systems in medical technology
  • Test engineer and quality manager in software companies
  • Member of management team of a software service provider
  • Establishment and management of quality assurance in a medium-sized software company
  • Lecturer for mathematics and physics at technical colleges
  • Lecturer for business development and project management at technical colleges

Diplomas and certificates

  • Federal Diploma Electrical Engineer FH (university of applies sciences)
  • Master of Business and Engineering Management (post-graduates studies)
  • ISTQB Foundation Level
  • ISTQB Test Manager
  • SVEB Certificate Level 1, Adult Educator (
Swiss Federation for Adult Learning)
  • Lecturer for higher technical college in secondary profession (Zurich University of Teacher Training)