Quality for Software Products


Prevent software errors
from the start.

You will develop better software products, if you know from the beginning what quality characteristics your product must ultimately fulfill.
How can you achieve this goal effectively and efficiently?
What are quality features anyway, and what does a test concept have to do with them?
Which tools are best suited in the existing development environment to achieve the quality goals?
And where is investment in quality assurance most constructive?

I support you in achieving your quality goals effectively and efficiently. Exactly as and how is right for you.

Togehter, we will find answers to your specific questions.

Establish systematic software testing

You develop software products or produce individual software for your customers and want to ensure the quality of your software systematically?
You ask yourself how software testing can be implemented effectively and efficiently?

Together with your core team, I develop test concepts, test plans or test strategies that are suitable for you.
Your current way of working, your culture, your tools, your processes and international standards will be taken into account.

Take the first step towards systematic software testing.

Expand software quality assurance

You already have software quality assurance, a test concept or a test strategy in place and would like to expand it?
You ask yourself whether your test strategy corresponds to the state of the art?

After analyzing your current situation, I will provide suggestions for expanding your testing activities.
With my experience in software testing, my systematic way of working and my broad knowledge of different tools, solution approaches and software testing methods, I have always been able to find starting points to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

You are welcome to test me.

Implement a test strategy

You have decided to take the next step towards systematic software testing and need expert support?
You don't want to burden your team with the introduction of tools because they are already fully booked with current testing tasks?

I support you in the evaluation of suitable tools, the configuration of tools, the automatic collection and processing of test results up to the implementation of complex test systems for automatic regression tests.

Don't let the development of your company fall by the wayside, even when your order books are full.

Professional training

Is it important to you that your team develops the test strategy and that the first version of it is already a hit?
Would you like to train your team in a targeted manner and expand their expertise in the area of testing?

As an experienced lecturer at higher technical colleges and training in adult education, I can develop and conduct customized courses for you.
My courses are based on practical experience, up-to-date knowledge and international standards.

Stay on the ball, I will support you.