Quality for Software Products

Quality Concept for inova:solutions AG

inova:solutions AG has been successfully developing software for public administrations and service organizations for more than 25 years. As part of a reorganization, we decided to reorganize our testing procedures and support our project managers with a dedicated test team. In setting up the test team, we confirmed that we are good at designing and implementing processes ourselves. However, we lacked a framework in which to embed our testing and related quality processes.

We therefore decided to create a quality concept and to have Alessandro support us in this. We wanted to realign our quality assurance in order to give quality even more central importance.
A quality concept was to be created that would take a holistic view of the topic and thus meaningfully complement the existing processes, ways of thinking and value systems.

The quality concept should not only be applicable to new products, but also be able to support existing products in an appropriate manner. The same applied to development methods and tools, which are constantly changing.

Alessandro developed the quality concept with us in seven workshops. In our company, which is managed in a collegial manner, all employees concerned participate in the shaping of the organization. The circle of participants in the workshops was correspondingly broad. Alessandro was able to organize the workshops in such a way that we were able to limit the number of participants considerably. This helped to conduct them efficiently.
The workshops covered all aspects of the quality concept. In the process, we examined the existing and defined the new.
Based on quality characteristics (Q) to be achieved, we defined test levels (S) and test approaches (A). From this, a test strategy was derived with which the quality characteristics can be achieved efficiently and effectively. In developing the quality concept, we deliberately built on international norms and standards. In an agile development environment, where responsibility for the quality of the products is assumed by the teams themselves, this procedure provides a framework that takes into account the needs of all stakeholders and defines concrete measures.

Used norms and standards:

  • ISO 29119 (standard for test documentation).
  • ISO 25010 (Standard for quality criteria of software)
  • Recommendations of the Swiss Testing Board (STB)

The resulting quality concept thus took on a pioneering character in order to link the new with the tried and tested. Through the active cooperation of many, the foundation for later acceptance could be laid early on.

The workshops were very well structured and prepared. Alessandro's clear guidance and extensive experience meant that we were able to develop our quality concept with a reasonable amount of effort. Alessandro worked on site with us, which resulted in a very pleasant and collegial cooperation during the course of the project.
As expected, after the development of the quality concept it became apparent that the practice raises many questions that the concept does not clarify. We are therefore constantly adapting it in practice. In this sense, the concept was the beginning of our path, on which we want to further trim our company culture and all our activities in the direction of quality thinking.
We see this as our non-delegable task as entrepreneurs. We are happy to continue to exchange ideas with Alessandro in this phase and to benefit from his experience as well as his great special knowledge in the field of quality assurance and test management.

Peter Dahinden,
inova:solutions AG, COO