Quality for Software Products

A Quality Concept for the Future

IMS AG has been providing IT services from Ittigen since 1987. Our core business is individual software for customers from a wide range of industries. We accompany the entire life cycle of a software. The good quality of our software products is indispensable to satisfy our customers in the long term.

The complexity and release cycles of the peripheral systems are constantly increasing. This development has increased the effort required for our test processes, which we previously carried out mostly manually. We have implemented the first automations, but what needs to be taken into account? Which test disciplines and test types are there anyway? Which roles are responsible for which part?
To answer these questions, we wanted to develop a professional quality concept that we could follow and that would ensure quality for our customers. We quickly realized that we could not develop such a test concept on our own. Therefore, we contacted Alessandro from QSoft GmbH.

IMS AG already does a lot to ensure the quality of its software products. These already existing processes, measures and tools were not to be replaced, but supplemented in a meaningful way. To this end, a comprehensive analysis of the quality management was first necessary.

Together with a team that united different roles, Alessandro worked on the relevant topics for our quality concept. In this process, our picture of the
quality concept, the quality assurance measures and the challenges took on more and more concrete form. Alessandro responded well to our needs and company philosophy.
After the completion, we let the quality concept work on us and built up the quality assurance measures for our software products step by step.
During the implementation phase, Alessandro continued to support us. In this phase, the main questions were: Where do we stand in relation to the quality concept? Which metrics help us to analyze and improve the processes? And what is the maturity of our processes? Thanks to this reflection, we can increase the quality of our products step by step thanks to the new quality concept.

Used norms and standards:

With the completed test concept, we have now created a framework to which we can orient ourselves. It is clearly defined which quality features are tested with which test methods, by which roles and for which quality gate. With the concept, we can now also show our customers concretely what we are doing for the quality assurance of their product.

Many thanks to Alessandro for the professional support.

Stefan Gall
IMS Information and Management System AG
Head of Software Development